National Site Selection Service

Services Provided


Standard Services for NSSS include:

•Scout potential markets that match your demographic profile.

•Present buildings and sites that meet your space requirements.

•Identify and map your competition and major retailers.

•Assist you in negotiating the best deal.

•Assist in locating a contractor and guiding you through the bid process.

•Assist in Lease Review and Lease Negotiations.


NO COST TO YOUR COMPANY! The services and potential benefits NSSS offers are not paid by your company. Whether you choose to open a new location, renew your existing lease or relocate, our marketing fee is provided for in the form of a commission paid by the building owner. The commission is paid whether or not a tenant contracts a broker to represent them. For example, if a tenant is not represented by an exclusive broker, the entire commission is paid to the listing agent. Rather if you are represented by a broker, then the marketing fee is split between the listing agent and the tenant representative broker. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be represented by someone who is both knowledgeable of the market and will achieve your goals.


Exclusive Tenant Representation

It is important to differentiate between using a broker and working with a broker on an exclusive tenant representation basis. If you use a broker without going "exclusive," you are using that broker on an open listing basis. The broker then represents the landlord and has a Fiduciary responsibility to the landlord to bring in the highest rent possible. Please be aware that open listing brokers exclusively represent the landlord. In contrast, NSSS specializes in exclusive tenant representation. We provide a service whether a tenant desires to open a new location, relocate to a new facility, or remain in their current facility. Either way, we will save our clients a considerable amount of money by educating them on the current market conditions and then negotiating on our their behalf. Our fiduciary responsibility will be to you and not to any landlords.