National Site Selection Service

As founder and CEO of Core Power Yoga, I have worked with many real estate brokers.  Daniel Kraft and National Site Selection Service provide a level of service and professionalism that is unparalleled in the industry.  At CPY our goal was to expand our market presence from 20 stores in 3 states to 100 stores in 11 states by 2014. Daniel’s help was instrumental in achieving this goal. With his assistance we were able to streamline the entire real estate process.


First, he took the time to gain a full understanding of our real estate requirements. With this knowledge, NSSS then provided insight into the national markets and trade areas that would optimize our growth, eliminating months of internal research. Once a target market had been identified, Daniel personally traveled to the region thoroughly scouting and vetting potential locations prior to our tour. Using this model we were able to efficiently tour and evaluate multiple trade areas in a couple of days. Once optimal sites had been chosen from the market tour, Daniel worked in conjunction with our design and construction team, and also vetted local obstacles (e.g. parking requirements, zoning issues) to maximize terms in the business points in the lease. Finally, NSSS efficiently guided us through the lease negotiations while ensuring our interests were protected in every facet of the final lease.


Trevor Tice, Founder and CEO of CorePower Yoga