National Site Selection Service


     How National Site Selection Service (NSSS) Can Achieve Your Goals:

  • National Knowledge of Markets-NSSS has negotiated over 1,000 leases in almost every state of the union. Through our national network of Tenants, we are able to provide Lease Comps in almost any major retail market. This information will assure that you receive the best possible deal in any market.
  • Legal Expertise- I am not an Attorney! BUT, I have negotiated the legal language of over 1,000 Leases.

  • Accountability- Our objective is to handle all of your real estate not just a particular market or deal. Our service and response time are reflective of this desire.

  • Knowledge of the Requirement- Our goal is to understand your requirements inside and out. The   objective is for our services to be an extension of you. Upon fully comprehending your requirement, you will not have to continuously explain your requirement (to deaf ears) to a different broker in everymarket you want to expand in. This will save you time and frustration. In addition, NSSS will not waste anyone's time by focusing on properties that do not make sense.
  • Our Presentations are 100% Objective- NSSS maintains no listings and has no ulterior motives in presenting properties (ie. obtaining a listing or by "slamming" a tenant into one of our own listings).

  • We Deliver Peace of Mind- You will have peace of mind that every site search will consist of a comprehensive overview of the market. Existing and upcoming availability of every shopping center and/or appropriate property within the designated market search will be explained in detail.
  • Uniformity of Service- With direction from you, our presentations will include ALL of the information that you require for your internal needs. No matter which market you assign us, you will have peace of mind that our presentations will be punctual and complete.

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