National Site Selection Service

National Site Selection Service (NSSS) Versus Local Brokerage

Myth #1-A local broker will be more knowledgeable of their local market than NSSS.

Reality: A Local Broker may give a comprehensive overview but it is highly unlikely. More often than not a Local Broker shows a smattering of listings mostly the ones they have or are trying to acquire. How many times have you driven with a broker and said "what about that center or building" and have the broker either "fast talk" or "have to get back to you"? With NSSS, you are guaranteed a comprehensive overview of every market. You are guaranteed Peace of Mind that NSSS will have contacted EVERY center within the trade area with every site that makes sense included on the tour.


Myth #2-A local broker will know what is coming available better than NSSS.

Reality: Which makes more sense for an existing tenant who desires to relocate, downsize or close? 1) That a tenant contacts an arbitrary local real estate broker in the market to discuss their desire to vacate the market OR 2) The tenant contacts the Landlord first to see if the Landlord will provide an early release, reduced rent or threaten going dark? In our 25 years of experience, the Landlord is always the first contact. In our collection of information about a market, we ask each Landlord about upcoming vacancies or tenant downsizing. You are guaranteed comprehensive data on each shopping center and will have Peace of Mind that every potential vacancy that makes sense is included on the tour.


Myth #3-A local broker will show me all of the available spaces in a market.

Reality: The reality is that either the Local Broker is lazy and shows you only a few listings OR the broker shows every space in the market regardless of meeting your criteria which can waste your entire day. NSSS spends a tremendous amount of time on the front end understanding your criteria for a great space and for eliminating spaces that will never work. You are guaranteed a a comprehensive tour with the sites on the tour that only meet your criteria. You will not have to waste time looking at sites that will never meet your criteria. Your time is maximized while maintaining Peace of Mind that you will tour all of the potential spaces for each market.


Myth #4-A local broker will be able to negotiate the best possible deal for me. 

Reality: A Local Broker's bread and butter are Landlord listings with an occasional attempt at Tenant Representation. More than likely the broker you are dealing with either represents the Landlord or is attempting to obtain the Listing. Either way his fiduciary responsibility may not be to you the Tenant. NSSS has successfully negotiated over 1,000 deals. NSSS has never obtained a LANDLORD listing. There is never a question of conflict of interest as NSSS' fiduciary responsibility is always to the Tenant to negotiate the best deal that will ensure your success.


Time Wasted Is Opportunity Missed.

With a Local Broker, you are never sure of the effort and time they will place in representing you. Many times it takes a month or two to figure out that the Local Broker's efforts have been less than stellar. Changing broker's mid-way through the process can be complicated and frustrating. It is impossible to make up for lost time and so you must write it off as an exercise in futility. Opening deadlines are missed and potential sales delayed. With NSSS you are guaranteed peace of mind in the process. For NSSS this is not just one site search. NSSS' goal is to ultimately perform all of your site searches nationally. NSSS' effort is reflective of that desire. Since NSSS prides itself in uniformity of service, the results of each market can be duplicated in any market across the United States.