National Site Selection Service

It was a pleasure working with Daniel. He is a great resource to use especially with his many years of experience and made the process from site search to lease negotiation/signing very easy. We would highly recommend his services.

Mark Barrientos & Darryl Santos

Owners The Camp

Milpitas, California

Daniel was instrumental in finding, selecting, and negotiating a great location for our new business.  His 30+ years of experience and industry knowledge helped us save time, avoid costly pitfalls, and negotiate fantastic lease terms to save us money and give us plenty of time for an extensive build out.  His process is very thorough and he is always readily available to chat and answer any questions you have along the way. We highly recommend him!  

- John & Sara Heringer, KidStrong Area Developers, Sacramento

We worked with Daniel on a site selection for a property in the greater Houston area. We are rookies in commercial real estate, and had lots of questions. Daniel took the time to answer all of our questions (and there were plenty!). He was quick to respond, and kept us informed /up to date, during the entire process, while keeping the process moving in a timely manner as best he could. His years of experience and knowledge in the commercial real estate market were apparent from the start, but came even more apparent as we got further in the lease process. He guided us through the process, and the associated “bumps” along the way, with a steady hand. When it came time to sign the lease with the landlord, the landlord used the term “bulldog” to describe him through the lease negotiations.

Daniel is the complete package: knowledge of commercial real estate, site selection, lease process, negotiations, and actual lease contract details.

Kevin White & Julie White

Owners Burn Boot Camp

Atascocita, Texas

I have had the pleasure of working with Dan for most of 2017.  I recently purchased the franchise rights for several Burn Boot Camps in two states.  Dan and I spoke and agreed to work with each other and I've never regretted it.  The services he states NSSS offers are absolutely true.  I've received market maps with appropriate demographic and competitive information which allowed us to agree on where to begin a site search.  He visits the market independently, provides a summary of all available appropriate sites (and those which aren't appropriate for my use) and narrows down the search to sites tailored to my needs.  In a few short months I've signed three leases (all with his lead in negotiations) and have four more LOIs complete which will lead to leases.  His negotiation style is tough and he represents the client quite effectively.  I will use Dan every chance I get for any business I have.  I trust his skills and integrity that much.  He has helped make an onerous and anxiety-inducing process bearable and productive and I'm glad to have him on my side.

Alan Huggins

Area Developer/Franchise Owner Burn Boot Camp




Just wanted to let you know that you are very good at your job and you are doing a great job helping us with our real estate. I don't give out compliments easily, but yours is well deserved. You are definitely a highly intelligent professional who knows how to manage a deal at the highest level and I have seen some of the best on the mergers and acquisitions side.

Paul Marcus

Area Developer/Franchise Owner Orange Theory Fitness

Los Angeles Market

National Site Selection Service, Inc. has been instrumental in launching Orangetheory Fitness in the San Diego market. Not being from Southern California, I was completely dependent on Dan’s expertise in selecting a rollout strategy for our franchise. His extensive expertise and market contacts enabled me to put together an amazing development team that has been instrumental in building our brand in Southern California. Having not previously dealt with commercial real estate, Dan was able to educate me on the entire process and has provided invaluable insight in selecting our many locations. He has aggressively negotiated our lease terms and consistently found the right space with the right terms for our studios. Dan’s commitment and integrity have made for a perfect partnership for our aggressive growth strategy in this tight Southern California real estate market.

Pete Selner - Area Developer/Franchise Owner Orangetheory Fitness

San Diego Market



I am writing this to let the franchise community know of a great resource I found in Daniel Kraft.  His vast experience and knowledge of the real estate markets eased my worries in finding a relocation that would be PERFECT for our The Little Gym.  Daniel prepared a complete report for me upon our first meeting which included analysis of my territory and locations available that would meet our needs according to The Little Gym’s standards.  Negotiating is Daniel's forte!  He got us an amazing deal and did not let the landlord take the upper hand at any point.  He is used to dealing with the "big guys" and represents his clients with vigor.I cannot recommend Daniel enough to any franchise owner looking for a new property.  I have already given his number to quite of few business associates and would not hesitate to continue to let everyone know of his great service.  CALL HIM! 



Having just purchased my first franchise, not to mention my first business, I had a lot of concerns and fears of the unknown. One of my biggest concerns was where would I put my first location and how much I’d have to pay to in order to satisfy The Little Gym’s standards. Then I was introduced to Daniel Kraft. It was the best part of my pre-opening process. He performed his site search and took me to each location. Daniel laid out the pros and cons of each in a way that was clear and easy to understand. He negotiated the lease, made sure that the landlord was obligated to build out the location to The Little Gym standards. He even got them to lower their asking price on the rent and locked them in the rate for five year intervals. He saved me fifty to a hundred thousand dollars, and this process came at no price to me. If you are looking to start a business and need help with finding a location, I strongly recommend Daniel Kraft.

Kevin Beveridge The Little Gym, West Des Moines

It is with great confidence that I recommend Daniel Kraft to assist you in securing your new location. I was able to put in very little time and effort and moved into a new location that not only saved me a lot of money, it also came with everything I needed at virtually no expense to me. Daniel took the time to listen to my needs, he did his research based on that and presented me with some great options. In addition to locating a great facility for me, Daniel took care of handling the negotiations and lease terms for me.   It is truly a pleasure to work with such a professional as Daniel Kraft.


Julie D. Dobbs, The Little Gym of Litchfield Park

Daniel Kraft represented our interests in the site selection and lease negotiation process professionally and assertively. After being told by local realtors that the deal we were seeking - 100% of build-out costs covered by the landlord - was impossible because 'no one does that in this market,' we consulted Daniel. Our landlord not only paid for the build-out costs, but he also gave us the first 2 months in our facility rent free! Daniel made the impossible possible, and we would not have been able to move forward with The Little Gym of Springfield, Illinois without his assistance. Our decision to use Daniel and National Site Selection Service was instrumental in our successful opening, and I would advise anyone in the pre-opening phase to make the same decision!

Patti Naylor, The Little Gym Springfield IL

I highly recommend the real estate broker services of Daniel Kraft!  From the initial contact onward, Daniel was nothing but professional, dedicated, and driven, and I was reassured that he was looking out for our best interests in a very tough market.  Daniel assisted in the location of the gym space, as well as with the lease negotiations, and was great about explaining the entire process thoroughly.  I am certain that we would not have ended up with the best location for our The Little Gym if we had not utilized Daniel's expert services!


Page Hetrick, Owner, The Little Gym of Exton

We are writing to express our sincere thanks in all of your help and expertise securing a space for our second The Little Gym location! We were so impressed with the process. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy you made it. We particularly liked how thoroughly you combed the market and only focused on places that fit our criteria. We are very excited about the space we ended up choosing not only because we love the look and visibility of it, but also because the demographics of the area match our profile extremely well. We were also very impressed that you were able to get a turnkey deal. It was also so helpful to have your help in the lease review and lease negotiations. We felt confident the entire time that you had our best interests in mind. Thanks & We hope to work together again on potential future endeavors!


David & Mercedes Sidor

Owners The Little Gym of Kingston,NY

The Little Gym of Colonie, NY

Daniel is very professional and found us the best spot for our The Little Gym.  He negotiated a great deal and has answered any follow up questions we have had since we opened.  Our Landlord commented that Daniel was tough to negotiate with and that he "knew his stuff".  I found that it was reassuring to have someone in our corner fighting for us on one of the biggest expenses we have to deal with.  I would recommend Daniel and will definitely use him in the future.


Julie Wallace

Owner/Gym Director

The Little Gym, Lexington, KY

Going into the site selection process, I knew I was getting in over my head. I had spoken with people familiar with the Lubbock commercial real estate market and they painted a dire picture for me. The number one goal for my lease negotiation was securing a “turn-key” facility. A turn-key facility would allow me to meet my deadline for opening, and, most importantly, avoid shelling out a large amount of money up front for building costs. I had heard great things about Daniel Kraft, with National Site Selection Service, through my business consultant at The Little Gym, Intl. Throughout the entire process Daniel has been very easy to work with. We discussed my priorities, he explained in detail how the process worked, and he updated me on its progress as we met various milestones. The location we decided upon was my preferred spot, and the landlord accepted our initial, very aggressive offer, that Daniel suggested. Now I will be paying less rent than budgeted, with several months free, and I expect to have my facility completely finished and handed over a couple of weeks before opening; turn-key of course!

J.D. Lott

The Little Gym, Lubbok, TX

My current lease was expiring soon, so I reached out to Daniel Kraft for assistance. He was able to assist me with the process. With his expertise in site selection, he made the whole process of searching for a new site stress-free.  In my opinion, Daniel is a reliable professional and will give you and your business his best.  We are currently in the process of securing a site, so the fun continues!  Thanks, Daniel.


Trang Cleveland

The Little Gym of Kingwood, TX

Daniel Kraft with NSSS located in San Diego, CA provided us with smooth sailing into our TLG Lafayette, LA location. We spoke several times over the phone and emails before he came to Lafayette. When he arrived it didn’t take long for us to realize we had the RIGHT GUY working with us. LOCATION is so important. When you hear someone say it’s all about LOCATION, it really is. We visited sites that were less expensive but maybe 1 mile down the road from where we are located now. Daniel explained all specifics about each site and we made a decision. I cannot express enough how our journey with Daniel Kraft was wonderful.

Chelsea Segura

The Little Gym of Lafayette

The Little Gym of Covington


Words can't express our appreciation for your efforts and hard work.  JW Tumbles is lucky to have you as their representative Broker.  It goes without saying you do a fabulous job and your dedication is greatly recognized.  Thank you again. 


Scott and Tammy Faber

Jacksonville JW Tumbles

Daniel’s experience with negotiating leases became very apparent. He was able to get my landlord to pay for my build out as well as two free months of rent. These considerations were key given liquid capital is quite a premium when opening a new business. At the end I feel that I made a sound decision utilizing Daniel’s services and would recommend him to any other existing or potential The Little Gym owners.

Tina Lopano Owner, The Little Gym of Levittown